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Square Enix Vidding Archive

For all your Square Enix vids!

Final Fantasy Video Archive
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For info on the contest please go here

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Please note that we now accept videos of all Square Enix fandoms!!

Ok I hate to tie people down with rules but it has to be done

1. You can upload any kind of Square Enix related movie, either cut scene or amv, but if its got spoilers or any ratings you must mention this (including things like if the song swears in an amv). I personally don't give a s*** if your song swears, your video suggests gay pairings, you have somehow gotten hold of the deleted sex scenes (^__~) or whatever but some people do care. So give them fair warning.
2. You dont have to make the videos to have fun here if you like watching amvs or have requests for cut scenes then you can join as well!
3. You can upload a video that someone else has made as long as you give credit. Don't claim it as your own. But by all means post "ZOMGZ this video by FF_Fr3ak is soooo good!!" UNLESS you are entering the contest in which case the video must be your own work.
4. Dont download a video someone else has done then steal their clips. If you want clips to use in your amv request and someone can help you out! :) There are plenty of resources online and it's not fair to steal from someone
5. any/all pairings are welcome :) Again I dont care what you show but give fair warnings in case people are against your pairing.
6. NO BITCHING ABOUT VIDS! If the creator so wishes then by all means give constructive criticism BUT "ZOMGZ YOU SUXX!!" will get you banned. And if someone warns that their video has a pairing you are against eg a yaoi or yuri pairing, don't watch it then complain. If they warn you you have no right to bitch.

Ok I think thats all! Go crazy!!

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Firewolfky's videos

wanna be one? let me know via this com or my lj x_shock_me_x

ETA: New mod! kitty_cracknip is here to keep up with things has a banstick that she's not afraid to use >D